ECommerce Marketing Today – Big Three and Others

Ecommerce companies all over the world use a variety of methods and solutions for search engine optimization and web promotion. In fact the range of options for making the choice is really vast in nature. Usually the main objective of ecommerce marketing is to offer solutions for gaining visibility on the ranking pages of leading search engines.

Some of the major search engines and web directories like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, and Bing, allows higher page ranking on their result pages with paid inclusions as well as contextual ads.

Without doubt the three major search engine marketing companies on the web are the Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and the Microsoft adCenter. It is however possible for the entrepreneurs and webmasters avoiding direct deals with these major companies and instead going for ecommerce marketing companies or ecommerce consultants those would manage the campaign for them. Reason for such choice is that while the big three focus on the contextual advertising mainly, these alternative companies would focus on a variety of issues to make the marketing campaign successful.

There is quite fierce competition for the hold on the market among the big three. Google has been constantly upgrading AdWords to remain ahead of others. Ads floated on AdWords will appear on the Google network, in their search listings as well as on all the affiliated websites and blogs plus in the RSS feeds.

Usually the quality ecommerce marketing companies use a number of tools that includes keywords, suggestions on identifying target keywords and key phrases, testing as well as reporting, tutorials and also the conversion tracking. On the other hand Yahoo search marketing is basically pay-per-click process. Ecommerce companies normally create text that would divert the potential customers to the ecommerce sites or the sales pages. Microsoft adCenter also follows the system of pay-per-click for ads on the Bing network. Despite being new in the fray it is growing at rates faster than both Google and Yahoo. However it is still at the number three position following Google and Yahoo.

While most of the features of ecommerce marketing conducted by the top three are common, one difference is the manner in which the ads appear and the location where they appear.