Ecommerce and Online Business: Avoiding Overhead

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the practice of buying and selling of products and services over the Internet. With the continuing widespread use of the Web, ecommerce promises to become as important as or even more important than traditional forms of commerce. Electronic transactions may be classified as business to business (B2B), or as business to customer (B2C). Ever since ecommerce gained wide public support, ubiquitous market items like the shopping cart have ceased to become physical objects; transactions and processes are now digital business applications and programs.

Scope of e-commerce: online trade of goods and services, website with e-commerce

Online business encompasses the following business transactions: Internet trade of goods and services (e.g. audio and video streaming, e-books, software); retail services, also known as e-tail (e.g. food ordering, banking, flower delivery, video rentals, travel booking, etc); marketplace services (such as auctions, online advertising, trade groups, price comparison); online procurement or e-procurement; and purchase-to-pay (P2P) processes.

Putting up your business online: hosting, e-commerce websites, business to business ecommerce

E-business is a fast growing industry, and along with it comes the need for businesses to get the right ecommerce hosting solution. Many brick-and-mortar businesses are now going to the Internet to start making profits, attracted by the considerably low overhead of online business and its accessibility to customers.

Hiring the right e-commerce hosting company may be a tough find because of the sheer number of firms offering this service. Many may even offer similar services, but not all of them offer the same quality of service. For example, if you get the wrong hosting company, your entire online business may be put to risk by unsecure servers. This poses a great risk to your company; your website could be prone to hacking and other malicious activities. Thus it would be a sound business plan to select the correct ecommerce hosting company when you are marketing your business online.

How to create an ecommerce website

If you are unsure of what things to look for, or if you would want to assess the dependability of a host, you could get expert opinion from Singapore ecommerce consultant firms. Generally, these ecommerce consultants will look for things such as performance, customer support, and price. A good assessment from the ecommerce consultant will look into things such as hosting security, server space, bandwidth space, and email and support services for your company.

Other ecommerce solutions that you may ask from your host are the ability for credit verification and payment through your Website, or an auto responder service which allows you to email customers automatically.

The Ecommerce Consultant

An ecommerce consultant has the job to help you improve and market your site effectively in order to assist you in increasing your traffic flow. There are a number of businesses out there and many of which are selling exactly the same product. How are you still going to be a success? Marketing your product successfully is the key to bringing the visitors to your site and thus, getting their business.

Here are a few points an ecommerce consultant will work with:

Number of visitors to your site

Ratio of visitors to buyers

Ratio of visitors to new customers

Ratio of visitors who request information

An ecommerce consultant will use this information to analyze which parts of your site needs improvement. Then, after the changes are suggested they will check to see if they made any difference at all. A good suggestion is only good if it will bring you the success you are looking for or a change in the right direction. An ecommerce consultant checks your site for visitors and how many of them actually made a purchase from your store. There may be many visitors but no buyers which makes the visits of no use to you.

An ecommerce consultant will check the keywords on your site which in turn triggers the search engines and brings customers to your site. When you change the key words you can often see a growing numbers of people visiting and the more that visit the more opportunity you have to make a sale.

Design changes as needed to meet the requirements of the site.
Set the set of changes needed for the site.
Apply them.
Measure the effect the changes caused on the site.
If the changes were not effective the circle starts again.

Ecommerce consultants are very helpful especially if you feel you have done everything properly yet your online business is simply not taking off. They usually bring to light some problems and changes that may be made to your site to be most successful. At the same time don’t underestimate the power of your customers and their comments.You should take very seriously their recommendations as they usually will tell you what they expect of your site in the first place. When you give your customers what they want you have a successful site. Your customers are usually the best ecommerce consultants.

IT Consulting Companies – Services For Businesses Of Today

IT consulting companies, known for recruiting young people and professionals, are in increase due to the boom in the IT sector. With a huge growth in software development and ecommerce development, there is a huge demand for young talents and experienced in these fields. Few IT consulting companies place ads for professionals or trainee levels in different medium to fill the vacant positions. These companies not only arrange interviews, but also would conduct first and second rounds of written tests to check the communication and software skills before finalizing the list of engineers that has to be sent to the actual software development company. Few IT consulting companies not only offer normal services but also expertise in strategy management, change management etc, though the number of people working in it would be less than the lowest double-digit, in most cases. Most of the IT consulting companies help in steadying the growth of small businesses also. They concentrate more on services selling than product selling, which helps in gaining more business and good profits.

These IT consulting companies help in bringing two unrelated fields together. For example, an ordinary consumer products selling concept has no relationship with computers or Information Technology. However, with the advent of ecommerce solution for businesses, even a small scale businessman is able to setup a website using the web page design and ecommerce software given by the software development companies offering custom software development services. If an individual or companies selling consumer products are interested, a software development company can help in creating a professional webpage with shopping cart software embedded in the website.

With more customers preferring the online virtual market, Internet is bombarded with websites offering ecommerce solution. These websites save money, time and energy of the customer. They also help an individual with limited knowledge of computers in navigating the website with ease. Also, since most of the customers using these websites are not techies, they are amazed at the working of these ecommerce packages. New models of businesses are catching the Internet and various ecommerce packages fit in those models to make them a big success.

If the businessman is interested in creating a wonderful ecommerce web site design, he should not only display the products list or catalog but also display the pictures of the products, the customer wants to buy along with the price tag, so that the customer is not unhappy about the product or pricing later. Most of the ecommerce packages are used in order to help the customers in tracking the product they have ordered for. They can easily know the place the package is in at that particular point of time.

It is important for a small business entrepreneur to choose an IT consulting company after deciding the services he wants for his business. One has to decide the temporary goal, apart from looking at the niche market, and type of services expected from an IT consulting company to achieve the goal. One should understand at least what is happening with his business after choosing an IT consulting company.